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A magical visit to Dalwhinnie!

Hi! I spent a very enjoyable couple of hours cycling around Dalwhinnie in late February 2012. The weather was exceptionally mild, with no snow around, so I tried to see every street and every building in this beautiful but widely scattered village. I was entranced by the austere beauty of the area, and was suprised to see so much activity going on, with the petrol station busy and some people walking on the streets and chatting. I took lots of photos, some of which I might post if I can work out how. I love visiting underappreciated remote locations like this, and I thoroughly enjoyed my brief tour around the village. The highlight? Definitely having a close look at the war memorial, set in the beautifully kept little garden at the crossroads. Touching and respectful, a real heart to this tiny community. I also enjoyed seeing the row of houses in Ben Alder Road past the station. Close up they look like any row of council houses in any large town or city, but take a few steps back and you see just how remote and windswept the location of the houses is, as they bravely grow their plants in their gardens and maintain themselves beautifully despite the challenging conditions. Loch Ericht was beautiful too, with the grand mansion near the level crossing looking suitably imposing, and I also had a brief jaunt along the enticing route along the south side of the loch too. As you can tell, I thoroughly enjoyed my visit, and hope to return again one day. Maybe next time I'll sample a Dalwhinnie malt whisky!
Added by Alastair on 19 March 2012

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