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The Weather

Whether it's a peerless day of blue sky and sunshine, a howling sou'westerly gale roaring up Loch Ericht or a bitter winter blizzard which brings traffic to a halt, Dalwhinnie weather is always memorable.
Dalwhinnie in the snow March 2015. Dalwhinnie- a night time view from Fern Cottage during a Snow Storm- it is indeed Snowba...
Dalwhinnie in winter Snowballs in the Sky!! A nightime view from Fern Cottage, Dalwhinnie Village in early March, 2015.
Winter scene On the Summit east of the A.9 above Dalwhinnie. A still, beautiful day. Another peaceful world. Nove...
Snow on the A9 outside Loch Ericht Hotel Snow on the A9 outside Loch Ericht Hotel. The 2 floors of the Grampian Hotel can be seen in the back...
Clearing snow outside Grampian View Clearing snow outside Grampian View - 1930's? School in background.
Johnnie MacPherson's shop in winter Johnnie MacPherson's shop in winter. Date of photo is not known.
A cool day in Dalwhinnie A cool day in Dalwhinnie - proprietor Dougie Matheson facing the elements. He belonged to Kintail an...
A typical summer's day on Loch Ericht. A typical summer's day on Loch Ericht - August 1985. My tent pole to the right! The Loch was well up...
Frozen Loch Ericht near the Shieling Per Ross Dakers - frozen Loch Ericht near the Shieling. December 2010.
Frozen Loch Ericht Frozen Loch Ericht from near Ben Alder Lodge. Date of photo not known.
Loch Ericht in winter Loch Ericht in winter per Ross Dakers.
Snowbound Loch Ericht hotel Dougie Matheson outside Loch Ericht Hotel in 1947.
BenAlder Cottages BenAlder Cottages. Taken by Geordie Oswald in the 80's.
MacPherson shop and the church MacPherson shop and the church. Taken by Geordie Oswald in the 80's.
MacPhersons shop MacPhersons shop. Taken by Gordie Oswald in the 80's.
Car by Esso sign c1940s? Car in snow outside "Toll House" a few winters back!
Winter scene Dalwhinnie Christmas 2009 looking onto the hills beside the A9. You can just see a car light in th...
Snow drifts From Mrs Doreen James - taken in the period 1950-60.
Loch Ericht Hotel after snowstorm - Feb 1940 They used to say 'you don't get winters like that any more' but after 2009/10 perhaps we're not quit...

Latest Pics

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